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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

rainsdrop of u...

Droplets of tender coldness brushed against my fingers as the doors closed behind me. People were running, their eyes searching with desperation for a shelter to protect their shivering bodies against the downpour. I only stood there, unmoving for a minute, feeling the soft playful dancing of the raindrops against my skin. People ran, but I stayed. Others have often wondered what beauty I saw in the rain. I’ve always loved it when it starts drizzling; it cleanses the body, the soul, the mind. On the outside I would smile meekly but deep down inside my heart rejoices at every droplet that makes its way downwards. Where people felt the coldness of the winds, I felt only the warmth of nature’s blessing.

And then, I walked.

I walked without hesitation. With every step that I took, my smile only grew wider. The gentle winds blew, embracing me with such love that even I cannot comprehend; the delicate droplets of rain showered so much attention to me I could barely contain my joy. My breath made little clouds of warmth waltz from my mouth, and it seemed to tickle whenever I let out a light laughter of happiness. I lifted my face to greet the clouds and the rain that came for me.

One drop, two drops, three drops, four.

They were so beautiful, each and every one of them. I felt them nuzzling against my skin, tickling me into tiny giggles as they trickle down towards my neck. They greeted me and my body was their playground; they ran through my hair, soaking me through my clothes. People looked but I never minded; if they cannot enjoy the rain I might as well do it for them.

It rains and rains and everyone is rushing to move on; only my world stood still for that fraction of a moment, a moment so divine and delicate and beautiful that I was afraid to break it. So tender, so fragile. My world was at a standstill as the rain continued to pour, washing my worries away and filling it with so much emotions.

And then, there it was – that feeling. My mind felt it, and my heart felt it too. Every inch of my body pulsated as the thought stayed there so firmly in my soul. At that very moment, I felt that you were here with me. My heart pushed the thought of distance away from my mind and I let the emotions run wildly through my veins. With every touch of rain on my lips that I felt with my fingers, I only felt you. Through the soaked clothes and the passionate warmth that I feel in my soul, I only felt you.

Your presence resounds in my heart and it feels as if you are already here, and that much I know is true.

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kalow korang rase ade pendapat ke..
tolong komen yer..kongsi..:D



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