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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

no hepy's ending

had a bad week and dont intend to talk about it much . but all i know is that it's gonna take me a long time to carry myself up , but this time alone . i guess life sucks in that way . i'm not sure whether this is the best decision yet . but it seems like history is repeating itself . i dont understand anything anymore . you promised . well i can never rely on promises anymore now can i ?

it's like your giving up so easily & its not like you to . here i am trying to fight for what i think is right & it has been what we have been fighting for for months but its just like your giving up a dream . and want nothing to do with it anymore . well . im speechless really . and have nothing to say . just trying to accept that horror that is now called a fact .

it's the hardest story i've ever told ... that's just the cold hard truth

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kalow korang rase ade pendapat ke..
tolong komen yer..kongsi..:D



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