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Saturday, February 26, 2011

i'm stiil ask who am i?

who am i??
why i'm stand here now?
and why i must stand on my own life?
i'm still a child that don't know anythings
mom help me.. i don't know what happen right now..
please be at my side,,
i'm's pain..
please mom...throw me away on this all
ican't stand on my own..
i'm going to hell...
i'm lonely,,i'n stress..
mom..i'm in smoke,,i'm in drunk...
i'm sorry mom..ican't be a good daughter for you..
but i'm still want to be in good job..
but how mom???
i need you now mom..
he's gone and leave me again..
i can't get him again..i can't stop him..
he choose his own way...
i'm sorry mom..
i promise to you..
i get better...from today!!
please give me support...

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kalow korang rase ade pendapat ke..
tolong komen yer..kongsi..:D



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