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Saturday, November 27, 2010

i can't keep up with this!

ere are some cute things Frankie's been saying lately because I can't actually have time to write anything real:

1. "Sid's [the Science Kid's] grandma is a grownup. My grandma is a grownup, too. A little grownup. A teeny tiny baby sister grownup." [Anyone who's seen my stepmother can confirm this.]

2. "When we get a baby I'm going to give her her bottle and leave my room to tell her good night when you're not in her room and I'm going to make her comfortable and then go back in my room. Tell daddy not to watch." [Awwwwwwwwww.]

3. "Mommy, sometimes you use a crazy voice to talk to me." [Guilty as charged.]

4. "Can I wag my flag now mommy?"; "Gran scored!" [While watching the USA-England game]

Tomorrow I fly to Salt Lake City for work. Maybe in another few months I'll post again. . .

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kalow korang rase ade pendapat ke..
tolong komen yer..kongsi..:D



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